Personal Details

First question: how do I pronounce my last name? We use the proper German pronunciation in our family, so it sounds like NOY-feldt.

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on November 22, 1966. I spent most of my life in Montreal , Québec, where I attended primary school and high school in English, but in the French immersion stream. After that, I had two years of CEGEP in English, at Marianopolis College, followed by a three year undergraduate program in honours physics at McGill University.

My mother tongue is English, but I am quite competent in French, I can communicate in Mandarin Chinese, and I can understand a bit of German (though I tend to speak in Chinese when I want to speak in German). I can write some Chinese as well, but I've forgotten quite a few of the characters since my three years of Chinese classes during my undergraduate program.

My father is also a physicist, he works on the tokamak project in Varennes, near Montreal, in a lab (English page) (French page ) associated with Hydro-Québec. My mother teaches piano according to the Suzuki method. My brother, Peter (33 kB GIF), graduated medical school from the University of British Columbia and then got married, in the space of two weeks in June 1997, while my little sister, Marnie, now has a daughter, Malaika, and a son, Jalen (but I've been watching so much Babylon-5 that I keep thinking his name is Valen ).

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