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On February 8, 1996, I completed my Ph.D. in the Department of Physics under the supervision of Professor John Perz. My research was in experimental condensed matter physics in the field of high temperature superconductivity. My Ph.D. thesis (300 kB gzipped PostScript) and the abstract are here. I completed a Master's degree in theoretical condensed matter physics under professor Allan Griffin in the fall of 1989.

From September 1995 (yes, some overlap with the completion of my PhD) to March 2000, I worked as a C programmer and Linux network administrator on the DYNACAN project in Ottawa, for a department of the Ministry of Human Resources Development , in the Social Policy Unit.

In March 2000, I left the public service to become a senior Linux consultant with Linuxcare. My email there is, well, my last name, at

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A proposed entry for the proposed FAQ list to explain why a faster-than-light drive can lead to time machine behaviour. Available in PostScript or LaTeX source.

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